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Meet the Team

Maddie Poling


Maddie is the owner of Sacred Space Gardens and the mother of wild toddler twin girls. Her passion for gardening and education started when she was working in California, managing a 250-acre educational farm for "at-risk" youth. "Watching the students harvest the produce and care for the plants, then eat the harvested food at lunch was very transformative. The students found a connection and appreciation for the natural world around them and understood where their food was coming from and the importance of that". Inspired by what she had learned on the farm, Maddie returned to Minnesota, invested in some gardening essentials and got to work! She had some gardening experience prior to starting, but mostly learned on the job, working with what the clients wanted. Then in 2019 completed the Master Gardener Course through the University of Minnesota. 

Stephen Poling

Lead Gardener

Stephen is an amazing, life-long painter. You can view some of his work here: http://www.stephenpolingart.com/home.html But we are lucky to have him work for us while he isn't painting. He has been gardening for close to 20 years in New Mexico, and now in Minnesota.